Rosaries turning gold ?

We are hearing about it more and more all across the world. Rosary chains that have mysteriously and supernaturally turned gold after praying the rosary with them in response to heaven's call to pray, convert, and prepare for the near future of change and upheaval that approaches. The two top pictures on this page show my changed rosary on right with golden chain next to an almost identical rosary that has not turned gold on left. The unchanged rosary was specifically chosen to photograph along side my rosary because it's chain looks exactly as mine did the morning before it's change to golden. To see larger, high resolution images of my rosary click here_(large) or here_(very large). You are free to save, print, or distribute these images as you desire so long as it is not used for malicious intent. As with all rosaries that have gone through this amazing change, it is important to note that the change most always happens instantly, not over a period of time.  The center piece of my rosary in particular has slowly worn from use to a dull tarnished steel look, yet the chain one day turned in an instant from a bright steel color to a deep, untarnished, golden tone and still remains so to this day. Also, don't let the brass look of the rosary chain make you skeptical.  True, some rosaries are made with brass chains but the rosaries all shown here have steel chains.  My own rosary that previously had a very obvious steel look and color, changed to gold after a single day of fasting and prayer (this is not to suggest it took all day for the change).  After months of use and handling, it remained it's silvery steel look and then one day, after not seeing it for a few hours in my pocket, voila - golden, untarnished, beautiful! Usually the steel chains, crucifixes, and center pieces of rosaries that have been handled alot will turn dark and discolored.  Rosary chains that have turned golden always look rich and unworn though the other parts of the rosary such as the crucifix and center piece will begin to tarnish. 

Months before my rosary turned gold, my mother showed me that her rosary that came from Medjugorje turned gold after she had been praying with it.

This is a picture of another person's rosary that has had the chain turn gold.

Seeing rosaries turning to gold is a very powerful sign of the truth and beauty behind Medjugorje, but should not be the focus of one's search for the Truth. 
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