Prepare . . .
Now, before we begin, we must prepare to receive truth:
One must be PREPARED to recognize and accept what is TRUE. We must...
    1. understand that what we WANT to be true, isn't necessarily the truth.
    2. let go of traditions we grew up with that always seem to hold people back. Traditions can be good and do hold some truth in many cases, but to obtain additional truth, you need to open yourself up first.
    3. let go of our fear and our limited view of things, unshelter your mind and heart.  For some the Truth is very hard to hear.  Don't let this be a stumbling block that will keep you from the Truth.
    4. beware of modern day philosophy and false teachings from others that try to cleverly argue away the truth.
If you have a little difficulty with what you just read, PLEASE . . . take a day or so to contemplate preparing to learn about the Truth and what it can do for you, and then visit us again to continue on . . .     HOWEVER, if you feel comfortable at this point, you're ready for the next step which is . . . How to know what is true
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