Into Philosophy? 
How to cut through philosophical barriers obscuring the Truth 

It is easy to philosophically discredit something 
you have not yet personally experienced. 
     Most concepts that you hold dear are precious to you, not because they are true, but because you wished they were true. 

     If while reading this you feel these beliefs are being threatened, then you must reject anything . . that contradicts them and say, "I just can't believe that's true."  Not because it violates the truth, but because it violates your belief." 

Your life is governed by what is true, whether you believe it or not . . . 
Burton Hotchkiss's: "Your Owner's Manual"
A first misconception:  Isn't the truth different for each person?  
Many say, "There is no main absolute truth in life.  The truth is really what each person sincerely feels that it is to themselves."  Not only is this concept wrong, but not knowing the real truth actually keeps us from having additional blessings and good fortune in our lives…
     Not too long ago, many very well meaning people sincerely believed and had great faith that the world was flat and that if you sailed out too far in the ocean into unchartered waters you would fall off the edge.  Though there was a potential for great things to be discovered, rewards to claim, and wondrous lands to visit, this belief kept MANY from venturing out. 

     Of course, we now know this to be false.  Now…consider all those people back then that believed with all their hearts that the world was flat - was the world at any time that they believed this flat?  NO.  No matter how badly anyone at that time wanted their belief to be true, it WAS NOT.  Did it matter that they were wrong in their belief?  YES.  They kept themselves from great discoveries.  If this belief had not existed, who knows how much earlier people would have sailed across the ocean blue.  This clearly indicates that people that hold dear to beliefs that are in fact false, keep themselves from discovering greater things, more information, greater treasures than they may currently possess. 

     Don’t fall into this philosophical trap that the TRUTH is only what you want it to be, feel, or think that it is, and that since what you believe works for you in your life then it IS the truth for you.  There is 1 main absolute truth and we’ve been given great clues to lead us to discover it!! 

Another misconception:  I only need what I want . . .  

     A problem that it seems a lot of mankind has is the problem of having 2 opposing agendas.  There are things he wants to know and things he needs to know.  For example, if we were so righteous and lived in perfect peace and harmony, with long hours of prayer and meditation, we might not have the desire or even the need to pursue advances in medical technology because we may inherit the ability to heal someone just by touching them.  Read about the story of the city of Enoch:  "Come on up, your done".  

     When we finally realize that what we need to know is what we should focus on, then you will see that we have been given clues that reveal the truth.  The problem is that most people would like to sit back and wait for enough clues to come (like a puzzle assembling itself) until the truth is plainly revealed before them.  The clues that are given, however, are meant to be pursued, and it is becoming obvious that they are meant to be pursued not at a scientific level  but on a ' personal’ one, and then those clues will expand into wondrous answers giving us the answers we need to know. 

    Receiving clues to the truth is like coming across an expansive cave wall that contains beautiful gems, precious treasure, and all that man would ever need.  If a ‘creator’ came along and poked a few holes so that man could see in and realize what the cave might contain, should man sit back and say ‘wow’ lets wait until more holes might get poked and then....  No.  Man should get pick axes & shovels and get to work expanding those holes himself to widen the view of what that hidden cave contains. 

An example of our misconception of how to obtain the truth: 

     If we gave you a handful of oak tree seeds and told you to go and make an oak tree would you return to us and say, “I need more seeds, so that I can glue them all together and build an enormous oak tree of out the seeds”?  Well of course not.  You should plant the seeds, water them, nourish them and be patient and then will the seeds grow into the mighty wondrous oak tree that the seeds can produce.

     Another misconception is that the clues we have received thus far cannot be explained or understood because scientific research most always reveals nothing or cannot seem to explain the clue and therefore research into understanding these clues usually amounts to nothing.  This is wrong.  What the clues ARE and how they are given indicates that they are to be researched and pursued personally within ourselves and not by scientific instruments or experiments.  

Another way of looking at the same misconception:  
    N.E.I. (not enough info) 

     Often mankind has this misconception that we have no idea concerning the answers to the truth that seem hidden from us all and that someday, maybe only after we die will we obtain these answers and until then we will just have to live in wondrous mystery.  The fact is we HAVE been given clues and lately more and more of these clues are touching down every day. 

      No one can deny that we receive clues that there is something out there - that truth is there that seems to be available somehow.  The problem is that when we receive these clues, society has the misconception that we will discover what they mean by either:  scientific study and experiments or by group discussions by churches, governments, or schools.  In the end, when no conclusions can be drawn, the clues are simply laid aside while the massess wait and look for MORE clues in hopes that eventually a picture can be assembled of what the truth may be.  The answers to solving the puzzle lay in the clues themselves!! 

      What the clues actually are and how they are given indicates that they can only be pursued at a personal individual level.  There's that phrase again.  Once this is done, then will the clues begin to expand, the doors will open, and ' viola’ - the truth is revealed.  Then will the individual receive and KNOW the answers to the mystery of the truth.  The invitation is for ALL people to pursue the clues.  However, they can only be discovered on a personal level within oneself.  If all people across the world did this, then the whole world will unite in one mind and spirit in perfect harmony, and not because they somehow just believe the same things, or because they want the same things . . . but because . . . they KNOW the same things - the Truth!!  This is the answer to the worlds problems.  All the governments, all the organized groups, all the schools in the world cannot solve them.  This is because the change that must come can ONLY happen at the personal individual level.  That means the answers to the worlds problem . . the only way in which this world will ever change . . has to start with YOU and ME. 

      So when will the world go through this change?  How can this happen?  Well, that brings us to the negative side of the truth.  We all know that there are some people that simply will never pursue or even accept the clues that reveal the truth.  Therefore the world will never be fully united and there will never be peace as long as these people are intermixed with others different than themselves.  So what can we do?  Should we form some type of government that controls everything that everyone does?  No, this is wrong and would not cause people to live in the truth.  The change must come from within - people must want to live in the truth.  No one can forced to do it.  No.  Unfortunately, since this will not happen, this change that we are continually being invited to begin internally must eventually come from an external influence.  This is where the one whom we call God steps in. 

     Don't believe in God?  If not, now may be a good time to check out our section about how to know what is true.  If for now, you're willing to take our word for it let's continue on. 

     To sum up the evidence given to us up to this date:  We have been told that a great change is coming.  Even God would never force someone to change.  He gives us many graces, signs, miracles, and - yes, clues to encourage us to change but He respects our own God given free will and will never take that from us.  Since this is so, the great change that is coming will unfortunately be very serious.  He will sweep the world of all those that have not chosen the truth so that finally the new era of peace and harmony can begin. 

     However, we are told that as long as we are seeking to live in the truth, we need not fear.  We are told that if during the coming change we happen to be taken, we have nothing to worry about and will be ultimately eternally joyful. If we are left, we will still be ultimately eternally joyful.  Either way, you win.  Those that should fear are those that simply don’t care, say that they don’t have the time, and simply refuse to pursue and live in the truth.  These are they who we are told will be so inconsolable in the times of change ahead, that nothing and no person will be able to console their misery that they will be experiencing. 

     We are also told that soon a great sign is coming that will cause all the world to believe that these things are coming.  We are told, however, that we should not wait for the sign to believe, for when the sign does come, for those who waited, it will be too late.  This is because it takes time to change.  Anyone can join a gym in one day.  Anyone can make a New Year's resolution on the 1st of the year.  But how often is that workout routine maintained? How many resolutions have come to naught? Like many other fresh starts, a change of one’s heart, though the decision can arrive in an instant, will usually happen slowly and takes time if it is to be a permanent change.  For those that wait until it is too late - oh yes - they will want to change then, but there will not be enough time and they will only want to change because they will realize the terrible punishment that must come - the awful punishment that they’ve rewarded themselves.  God will not punish.  It will be man who punishes himself and it will be eternal and there will be no consolation - the fire (a fire of anguish from within) will be eternal. 


    We didn't make this up because it sounds clever or because this is what we believe or want to be true.  This is the profound message of warning yet also of hope that is flowing from one of the most incredible and important ongoing supernatural events of our time, still happening to this day. 

Don't philosophize your way out of it . . . 

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