So, you think or have heard
that this is all fake?

An answer to opposers of the experience occurring at Medjugorje

Introduction Tricks of the devil or heavenly messengers?
You will know a tree by it's fruits Are expose groups successful?
Attempts to discredit the people Let's turn the tables
Mass misperception vs. scientific findings So can we know Medjugorje is true?

     This section is for those who HAVE heard of Medjugorje and what is occurring there, and either flatly disbelieve what is occurring, have heard bad press from supposed 'expose' groups, or for one reason or another think that something sinister is behind the experiences taking place there.  If you have NOT heard of Medjugorje and don't yet know what it's about, we recommend skipping this section and learning what Medjugorje is all about, first. 

Our response to groups and institutions that attempt to attack Medjugorje:

When it comes to what we call 'expose' groups (we're pronouncing this: ex-po-zay) that try to undermine the truth flowing from Medjugorje, it seems they try to focus on two favorite themes.  On the one hand, many groups try to disprove Medjugorje by discrediting the character of many people involved in it, whereas other groups try to explain the miracles and signs at Medjugorje as tricks of Satan and/or mass misperception, hallucination, mass hysteria, or mass disception.  Of course many of these groups focus on both themes, fueling their argument with as many points as possible to lead people away from Medjugorje.  Here, we will address these supposed claims.

You will know a tree by it’s fruits...

     First of all, let’s take a look at the global campaign of these ‘expose’ groups.  They say, “Medjugorje is false and bad.”  Many of these groups state they represent various Christian organizations, however, you don’t even have to be of Christian orientation to agree with the following lesson that Christ taught.  Christ spoke of how to know what is good and true in life in the New Testament.  He said you will know a tree by it’s fruits.  If a tree brings forth good fruits then that tree is good.  A bad tree cannot bring forth good fruits.  Medjugorje is a prime example of an experience where there are good fruits, and where there are good fruits, there is truth and there is God.  Currently millions upon millions of people have been permanently touched and changed forever because of the experiences they’ve either had at Medjugorje or because of the experiences they’ve had in direct relation to what is occurring there (myself included).  The fruits of Medjugorje are good and in abundance!  Christ said it himself:  “…a bad tree cannot bring forth good fruit”.

Attempts to discredit those involved in Medjugorje

     These groups seem to claim many things concerning wicked people and money – even to claim they have evidence of these things.  So where is this pure, undeniable evidence?  Just because you can quote a TV show or newspaper article, or interview a few people that are also either in line with your same purpose or have had a bad experience, this doesn’t prove that an entire movement that is touching millions, is false.  These groups also claim that Medjugorje seeks out the naïve and foolish.  I happen to personally know of very many advocates of Medjugorje that are engineers, scientists, leaders in government and civic positions, and many reputable, strong minded, and even skeptically minded individuals who are not easily deceived.  None of them are at all naïve, easily persuaded to believe something, or are weak minded.  This is just an excuse to try to make people who are cautiously investigating Medjugorje feel foolish and embarrassed to become involved in Medjugorje.

     We can be sure that among the millions of advocates of Medjugorje there are a few stories of people that for one reason or another had a bad experience, had something stolen, felt cheated, or were mistreated by someone in relation to Medjugorje.  Well, guess what folks?  This isn’t Heaven, this is Earth.  Out of several million, there will always be a few bad experiences for whatever reason.  We live in an imperfect world and we all know that bad things can still occasionally happen – even to good people.  What needs to be examined are the comparative odds.  Though, these supposed ‘expose’ groups love to get their hands on an interview with someone whose had a bad experience relating to Medjugorje, it pales in comparison to the millions of people who defend it with their heart and soul.  History has shown us that when you study the validity of an argument or do a medical study on the potential of a new medication, you cannot just interview a few people.  You create several large control groups, and then you consider the ratios of responses for and against, and then you draw a conclusion.  Well, let’s see:  several millions to maybe… a few hundred?  Maybe even less than a few hundred?  Basically, the majority rules.

     Additionally, it is also noticed that these groups try to attack individuals who seem to financially benefit from Medjugorje.  Even if these people ARE in fact earning money, even substantial amounts, does this mean their cause is false or wicked?  Christ never said being rich was unholy - only the materialistic pursuit of money.  Basically, just because someone promoting something divine or holy may make money doing it, that doesn’t automatically expose that they are in it for the money and that their cause is not true.

     Additionally, the city of Medjugorje probably does make money by housing pilgrims, selling books, videos, and artifacts, etc.  But this is what pilgrims are requesting!  They want places to stay when they visit.  They want artifacts and books to take home with them.  My own mother obtained a rosary in Medjugorje that soon after arriving home, turned gold as she was praying the rosary with it.  It has helped encourage her faith and her life has permanently benefited because of it.

     The ‘expose’ groups also like to announce that there are many people with dark pasts involved in Medjugorje.  This may be true.  It is understandable that many people that were once involved in wicked things (a shady past) may experience conversion and be drawn to Medjugorje.  This doesn't discredit Medjugorje.  These people may even lose their conversion, become weak, and return to former ways.  That still doesn’t discredit the experience Medjugorje gives and the truth that is flowing therefrom.

We need to understand something about the attempt to discredit a divine occurrence based on discrediting the people involved in it.

     People will ALWAYS let us down.  Certain individuals, perhaps even those once involved in the most holy of practices can fall away.  Even if every single person ever involved with Medjugorje lets us down, this does not take away from the divine experience that Medjugorje has given to so many.  Yes, regardless of what happens, Medjugorje will stand true and will NOT let us down.

     Where these ‘attack’ groups seek to discredit Medjugorje by finding fault in the people surrounding the events, it is easy to have them appear successful.  They can do this because ‘people’ are not perfect and it is easy to dig up dirt on just about anyone no matter who you may be.  People should not place their absolute faith in “people” because we have and will let each other down.  One will always be able to find fault with anything going on that is (a) occurring upon the Earth and (b) that involves people, because this is the lair of mankind, made up of both saint and sinner.

     Look what happened to Jesus Christ himself and the truth He left behind (if you currently accept this).  We all know the history of the mess that was made of the truth He left with us.  Does this mean that He was not divine because of what the earth did to His teachings so recently after His departure?  It is unfortunate that man must play a part in what is taking place in Medjugorje.  However, whatever man may destroy will never take away from the spiritual purity of what Medjugorje is about.  Instead we should look to the experiences, the events, and the irrefutable evidence of what is occurring in Medjugorje.  Still to this day, not one of the ‘expose’ groups have been able to successfully degrade the experience of Medjugorje.  This is where everyone’s focus should be. In light of that, let’s address the other favorite theme of the ‘expose’ groups:  tricks of the devil and mass misperception. We will split this into 2 topics.  First let’s address the ever so popular battle called…

Mass misperception vs. scientific findings

     When it comes to groups that attempt to debunk supernatural events, often we hear terms such as misperception, hallucination, and mass hysteria to describe an otherwise inexplicable experience that an individual or group of people claim that cannot otherwise be explained.  Without going into all the specifics of psychology and paranormal experiences, we’ll let the findings concerning Medjugorje speak for themselves.  The fact is, scientific and governmental investigations have concluded that something tangible and real IS occurring in Medjugorje and that the phenomenon cannot be explained by mass misperception, hallucination, mass hysteria, or mass disception.

     Medjugorje has caught the attention of Government leaders world wide.  The U.S. State Department secretly sent two men to investigate the alleged claims. Reporting back, the men sent to take a hard look at Medjugorje said, "You are not going to believe this but there is something going on there."  The scientific community has investigated the physical evidence of Medjugorje under microscopes and in test tubes yet have all been left dumbfounded.  Many scientists who previously were set out to disprove Medjugorje, have become firm, steadfast advocates because of the results of their own experiments!  Scientists and linguistic experts remain puzzled to this day by the events taking place.  Due to its extraordinary validity, the miracles and wonders of Medjugorje have made there way to a host of media.  From 20/20, Unsolved Mysteries, Inside Edition, Geraldo, and Sally Jessy Raphael, Medjugorje has been having a powerful, spiritual effect on millions of people - even through the media!

     Though many ‘expose’ groups have tried to discredit Medjugorje by attacking the character of those people involved in Medjugorje, they have not been successful when trying to attack the validity of the miracles, signs, multiple witnesses, and fact that millions of lives have been changed and are changing still, as a direct result of Medjugorje.  This only leaves an ‘expose’ group one last nit to pick…

Tricks of the devil !!
       or heavenly messengers from God?

     When all else fails, it always seems that an ‘expose’ group’s last hope in disproving an occurrence that masses of people support as being divine, beneficial, holy, and worthy of support, is to claim that the events are tricks of Satan or deception by the devil.

     Well, if you’re one who believes in the devil or in Satan, then you also must believe in God.  You cannot believe in one without the other.  If you don’t believe there is a God who is all good and loving, then there couldn’t be a devil that is opposed to all that is good, because if the devil did exist, but God did not, then the devil wouldn’t wait around.  Wouldn't he just march right in and wreak total havoc with all our lives, blow up the Earth maybe, and enjoy every moment of it? - why wait around leaving us with occasional moments of happiness?

     So, for the sake of acknowledging that there is both the devil who is all bad, and God who is all good, let’s take a look at Medjugorje in relation to who might be behind the experiences occurring there.

Things that both God and, probably the devil, could do:

  • cause people to see signs
  • cause rosaries to turn gold and other events of permanent material change
  • appear to people as, at first glance, a heavenly messenger

     These are usually some key points that ‘expose’ groups focus on when claiming that Satan is behind a given supernatural event that has a following of masses of people.

     If this was all that came out of Medjugorje, then the ‘expose’ groups have a valid argument, Medjugorje may very well be a hoax, and even this web site wouldn’t exist.  However, this is not all that Medjugorje offers.  In fact, the three items listed above are really only the smallest part of what people have experienced as a result of Medjugorje.  It is this key element that throws the ‘devil done it’ claim out the window.  Return to the top of this document, to again bring up the lesson: “You will know a tree by it’s fruits”.  The basic fact is, if you believe in a devil, then you believe in a God, and whether you are Christian or not, we all have to agree that a bad tree, (Satan in this case), cannot and will not consistently, time and time again, year after year, moment after moment, bring forth good fruits from a given event or phenomenon.

Things that the devil could not and would not do, based on our religious historical experience: 

  • cause people to live better lives, choosing to give up things that are wrong
  • cause people to have more faith in God and love and honor Him even more than they may previously have
  • cause people to forgive each other and make amends
  • cause people to have more peace in their lives
  • cause people to sacrifice their time and energy to love and serve others
  • cause people to follow the commandments more closely and pursue a more spiritual life
  • send messages teaching the virtues of saintly living
  • cause rosaries to turn gold and signs to appear that have caused an increase in faith
  • and lastly, our religious historical experience has taught us that, though Satan may appear to someone as a heavenly messenger, after a short while the visionary will begin to experience negative feelings and a feeling of uneasiness, etc.  In other words, based on all previous experiences throughout history, over a given period of time, Satan cannot fool someone into thinking that he is an angel from heaven or any other heavenly messenger for that matter.

     Basically we’ll conclude this favorite theme of many ‘expose’ groups with this thought in mind.  What if for some reason there was no God, and all life was governed by a devil.  From time to time this devil would appear to people and bring a wondrous beauty of messages and experiences with him that would leave millions blessed.  Well what then?  Uh… what is good anyway?  Or is bad good and good bad?  I don't even know what to believe now.  Am I even real?  What is life, anyway?  Are we all stuck in a Matrix?  Ooh, I feel dizzy.

    How about this one?  There are many people who believe that ALL apparitions of angels and the like are manifestations of the devil, and only after they go to Heaven will they meet true angels of God.  Well, what then?  How can this person prove that after they’ve died they were really meeting an angel of God?  What if the being they meet is also a demonic manifestation?

    The point we’re making here is that at some point, we need to draw a conclusion - at some point we need to look at all the evidence and reasoning that is within us and accept what is open before us.  Don’t get stuck in a “Matrix” view of life.  If you’re experiencing it with the five senses (or more) then you might as well accept it as real.  This is all we have to go on in life so let's live it to the fullest!!

     See how deep the psychology (above) goes?  Do yourself a favor.  Don’t go there.  It can make your head spin and in the end - you are empty as compared to those that seek the truth with faith and an open heart.  Leave it at this:  There is a God and there is a devil.  It is obvious that God is the one behind the experiences at Medjugorje and no other.  This is obvious to millions and unobvious to only a few.

Are expose groups successful? 

    There is no doubt that ‘expose’ groups have led many unsuspecting people away from the blessings of Medjugorje in fear of being embarrassed, fooled, or led astray and even some leave fostered with anger and resentment.  Occasionally, “at first glance”, some ‘expose’ groups can even seem to succeed to some degree in their claims.  In the end, however, the truth always has and always will have the last laugh.  Don’t be troubled nor led away by ‘attack’ or ‘expose’ groups.  The only things they can successfully attack are other people’s actions and one cannot prove nor disprove the truth based solely on that.

Let's turn the tables...

     Let’s turn our attention to the ‘expose’ groups for a change.  History has shown that the people who are OF GOD and therefore of the Truth, are those who spend their time trying to lift others up, sharing love, happiness, and peace.  Ever since the dawn of man, we have seen that those groups of people who spend their time and energy attacking others and seeking to find fault, are most often the ones who have some healing to do, and in some cases even have a dark, sinister, and miserable agenda of their own which will eventually leave them feeling empty and without love or peace.  What would you rather do?  Pray to experience a testimony of truth about something? - Or would you rather conduct research designed to find fault in an experience and then once you find some information that seems a bit controversial, you abandon the whole search and end up feeling confused, distraught, maybe even angry, and definitely without peace, love, or any testimony at all.

  So can we know Medjugorje is true?

     At first glance, whenever there is a question of whether truth is present in a given event or situation, experience has shown us that we can most often confidently turn to a simple guide like the one found here.  Here’s a fun little test.  Use the guide to compare between the divine events at Medjugorje and the claims of some of the ‘expose’ groups.

If you have been one who either flatly disbelieves, has been led to disbelieve by an ‘expose’ type group, or have had a bad experience for one reason or another in relation to Medjugorje, we understand how you feel and respect your views and opinions.  Please always remember, the truth must be sought after with the mind and heart with love, humility, patience and long-suffering.  We hope and pray that all who can, may find the true answers to the mystery of the truth.  We believe we have found some answers, along with millions of other people.  If you wish, you can read more about it here.

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