How to know what is true . . . 
So how do we sort through all the beliefs, teachings, and ideas that so many people already have, including this site, and get to the TRUTH?!!  

How can WE know that what is being said here is actually the real Truth? . . . There are actually a few ways one can know for sure. Isn't that comforting? Yes, their are definate ways to know if what you're learning from someone is true!!  Actually, there may be more ways to know than are mentioned here, but laid out below are some key requirements that should be present when seeking the Truth.
First and formost, the following MUST occur either before or after you have learned about the Truth . . .
You must gain a personal spiritual testimony!!
The Truth doesn't expect you to take someone else's word for it.  The Truth will testify of ITSELF either before (to encourage you to seek it) or just after someone has shared it with you (so you will continue on the path).  Personal spiritual testimony is by far the most powerful evidence between knowing what is true, and what is just an idea dreamed up by a friend with good intentions. 

I can give you a GUARANTEE that if you are sincere and seek earnestly, you will have POWERFUL experiences that can be LIFE CHANGING!  This will be an indication to you that I'M not just making this up and that YOU are on the right path.  For some, angels have even appeared and declared the Truth from on high!  These people have become very special witnesses of the Truth and have helped to bring this website about.  One great way to experience life changing events that will be talked about later, is through the highly misunderstood power of prayer that can change your life FOREVER. 

Next, we need to know where to obtain the Truth. 

Remember, no matter what it is that you are learning about, you must obtain a PERSONAL SPIRITUAL TESTIMONY of it.  If you can't seem to obtain it right away, keep trying until you are sure that a Testimony is not coming!!  The Truth will not keep you waiting, it will only delay to be sure that you are ready and that your 'seeking' is genuine.  You will know what to do when the time comes.

The following are indications that the Truth is present . . .
  1. MULTIPLE WITNESSES!!! (not just one, but multiple witnesses) All of the truths we'll be discussing later all have this in common. They are all verified by groups of people (not individuals, only) but several people that have personally witnessed with their own eyes, ears, etc. a given event, heavenly visit, or whatever the case may be. Many people try to explain away group witnesses as mass hallucination or group deception. If you are one of these people, I'll ask you this: What will make YOU believe? Is your whole life just a dream? If you died tomorrow and stood before God, would you say, "Oh, this is just an illusion"? At what point would you acknowledge that He was standing before you?  When would you believe? At some point in our lives, we must make a decision to believe 'multiple witnesses'. So far, history has reliably demonstrated that collective witnesses most usually are not in secret collaboration with each other and also that they are not mass hallucinating. BEWARE OF MODERN DAY PHILOSOPHIES !! Some clever people will try to explain away just about anything and everything.
  2. Miracles.  What's a miracle?  Miracle:  an event or effect contrary to the established constitution and course of things, or a deviation from the known laws of nature; a supernatural event, or one transcending the ordinary laws by which the universe is governed.  If you discover miracles taking place, then you are likely to be close to the Truth.
  3. If there is someone (even just an individual) who is able to reliably predict future events or perform miracles which would demonstrate a power greater than man usually possesses, and good always comes from the person's supernatural abilities, then as has been shown time and time again, this type of person is most likely in touch with some level of the Truth! This is one way to know if a prophet is really a prophet.
  4. Another way to identify truth is to try what you are learning and see the cause and effect in your life. This means, if someone you know claims to know the truth about, for example, God, then you try the things they suggest about God in your own life and see that it really works, then there IS truth in what you've learned.

  5. Finally, I still have to mention this last, but definately not least: You still need some FAITH. That's just how the Truth works. You first need to exercise your faith, . . . then in seeing your faith, the Truth will break through and reveal to you the greatest of mysteries!!  I'm not asking you to have faith in us. Have faith in the Truth. I promise you, it will NEVER, EVER, EVER, let you down. 
Okay, so now if you're ready we can finally dive into just what we are getting at here. Please, only proceed if you feel ready. Some things take time to sink in. If you're not quite comfortable, PLEASE . . . bookmark this page, take a day or so to contemplate, and then visit us again to continue on . . .
If you feel ready, then let's get to it . . . What is the Truth?


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