At this point, you may choose 2 different paths to take . . .
      I recommend taking this path.  Oftentimes, there is a danger that keep's many from obtaining the Truth.  Sometimes, when the Truth begins to reveal itself to people, some tend to flee in the other direction for one reason or another.  For most people, it is best to first:  
    • know why it is so important that we discover and live what is True
    • to then be aligned and prepared to receive the Truth
    • and finally grab a quick lesson in how to sort through all the beliefs, teachings, and ideas that so many people already have, including this site, and take the right path to come to know for yourself what the Truth is.
Take this path, and prepare first . . .
  However, if you feel prepared, are eager, and would like to skip directly to the Truth and discover right now what this site is all about, you are welcome to do so. 
Take this path to skip directly to the Truth . . .

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