Why? . . .

First, we must understand why it is important that we come to a knowledge of the truth.  Why would you even want to read this?  What will it do for you?  Should you even care? Would this be a waste of your precious time?  

Learning the truth offers you, in a nutshell . . . EVERYTHING!!!!!
  1. True happiness
  2. Peace IN your life no matter WHAT is going on IN your life
  3. Ecstasy - better than any drug!
  4. Safety (I mean physical, emotional, spiritual, every kind! The closer you get to the truth, the more IT takes care of you and your loved ones. This I've experienced firsthand!)
  5. Love . . . the greatest of all loves, even if NO ONE you know even cares if you exist!
  6. Understanding . . . a wisdom that cannot be measured in dollars, gold, or gems. To finally know how life actually works and to have it work FOR you, not against you!
  7. All good things . . . the list could go on and on
There is, however, a dark reason that ALL should learn and come close to the truth. The world you and I now live in is about to go through a major metamorphosis. A new era is approaching. For those of us that care enough to seek out the truth and listen to it's ever so yearning message, all will turn out wonderful, great shall be your happiness, and all things shall be yours.  We have been promised this. 

However, for those that either didn't want to bother, didn't care, refused to listen, or just plain rejected the truth, when that day comes (and ALL PEOPLE across the Earth will not escape that great day), those who rejected the truth will truly cry out in the anguish of their soul and will WISH THEY WOULD HAVE DRAWN CLOSE TO THE TRUTH when they had the chance.  Remember, is it easy to discredit something you have not yet personally experienced.  Give the Truth a try first, and then will you see what so many have kept hidden from themselves for thousands of years . . . 

    Whew . . .   Well, since we ARE actually here reading this site, we don't need to worry, just DO SOMETHING! 
    Next we need to . . . Prepare to receive the Truth

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